聚焦中国: 【禁闻】港媒传习调查周永康 原文被取消

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【禁闻】港媒传习调查周永康 原文被取消
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采访/朱智善 编辑/刘惠 后制/孙宁

Original article by Hong Kong media regarding Xi's investigation of
Zhou Yongkang pulled down

Recently, the Hong Kong media quoted unnamed sources
who disclosed that Chinese Community Party leader
Xi Jinping has set up a special task force to investigate
former Chinese Politburo Standing Committee Member
Zhou Yongkang, secretary of the Politics
and Law Committee.
The article was picked up by many international media
outlets, but the original from Hong Kong was taken down.

On October 21, Hong Kong South China Morning Post
quoted sources from the police and the Commission
for Discipline Inspection who revealed that Xi has
set up a special work group to investigate former Politburo
Standing Committee Member Zhou, who is now
the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee.
The special task force is headed by the Beijing Public
Security Bureau director and the Ministry
of Security Vice Minister, Fu Chenghua.

It's strange that the original article from
South China Morning Post was taken down.
The re-tweets by the official China Central Television
were subsequently deleted.

Hong Kong media: Xi Jinping set up a working group
to investigate Zhou Yongkang.
He bypassed the Commission for Discipline Inspection
of the CCP.

Commentator Lin Zixu: "This indicates the CCP internal
power struggle is still very intense.
It's hard to tell if the so-called special work group
is real or not.
The key problem is if they can, or if they dare to investigate.

No matter what crime Zhou Yongkang committed,
he is in the same boat with the CCP.
If Zhou Yongkang is thoroughly investigated,
the CCP's boat will capsize.
So the so-called investigation might get nowhere."

The original article by the South China Morning Post
indicated that the unusual arrangement not only reflects
the sensitivity of Zhou's case, but shows Xi Jinping's
personal attention to this case.
At least three people who understand recent police actions
said that policemen play the key roles in the investigation.

Commentator Lan Shu pointed out that the normal CCP
officials generally only relate to corruption.
Since Zhou Yongkang has been in the Politics and Law
Committee for many years, his crimes go far beyond corruption.
His crimes might include torture, making false statements,
and even murder and kidnapping, which requires
more investigative experience.

Commentator Lan Shu: "The issues involving the underworld
have to be handled by police instead of CCDI.
The purpose of investigating Zhou Yongkang is to appease
the social discontent."

Corrupt CCP officials first usually go through extrajudicial
solitary confinement by the CPC Central Commission,
are detained and interrogated, and then will be handed over
to the police and prosecuting authorities.

Recently, the performance and the investigation methods
of CCDI have been questioned.
South China Morning Post quoted another source from
CCDI and police who disclosed that Xi Jinping
appointed Fu Zhenghua to coordinate the investigation
of Zhou Yongkang, while Wang Qishan is responsible
for reviewing the case and the anti-corruption.

Fu Zhenghua led a police team to investigate Bing Wu
and Guo Yongxiang's case;
most investigators came from
the Beijing Public Security Bureau.

Currently, there are three leads in Zhou Yongkang's
The first requires an inquiry into when he was working
in Sichuan.
Dozens of Sichuan officials and businessmen are processed
and the earliest fall was the Sichuan Deputy Secretary Li Chuncheng.
The second clue involves the oil system.

From the end of August, several executives have been
sacked in PetroChina.
The official media said everyone felt insecure.
The third clue is the political and legal system.
Last December, since the former Hubei Provincial Politics
and Law Committee secretary Wu Yongwen was detained
for interrogation, Politics and Law Committee officials fell
one after the other.

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