聚焦中国: 【禁闻】俄罗斯总理透露中俄巨大差距

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大陆投资人徐小平2010年2月发表文章说,2007年,〝世界银行〞发布了两份极具震撼力的报告。第一份是俄罗斯经济状况的报告,它指出,俄罗斯经济增长是符合穷人 利益的经济增长。





采访编辑/秦雪 后制/李勇

Russian PM Speaks about the Differences
between China and Russia

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Beijing to
co-chair an event with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during the
18th prime minister's meeting between Russia and
China on 22nd October.
In the afternoon on-line chat through state media,
Medvedev told the Chinese Internet users that Russia had
adopted an important law requiring that public officials make
their tax returns and spending public.
Analysts indicates that Russia has learned their lesson from
the collapse of the Soviet Union and thus achieved
what the Chinese Communist regime is not capable of,
economic strength and per capita income growth.

Medvedev explained the reason to disclose public official's
tax returns and spending was: since you are making decisions,
affecting the fate of your home country and economy,
you should face the risks along with the economy.
I have done so for several years and that's the way
it is around the world, so it's nothing special.

Beijing Siyuan Consultancy president Cao Siyuan told NTD TV,
public officials are hired by the people and for the people.

The Russian legislation requests public officials to disclose their
property, while the Chinese are arrested for requesting
property declaration in China.

Cao Siyuan, Beijing Siyuan Consultancy president:
Russia has learned the lessons of history.
Why did the Soviet Union collapse?

Because the Soviet bureaucrats did not represent
the interests of the people.
Russians have learnt their lesson from the
collapse of the Soviet Union.
Chinese officials could not understand it, but believed that
the Soviet Union collapsed because the repression and
dictatorship weren't deep enough.

They need to repress more to strengthen the dictatorship.
They are running into a dead end!

Cao Siyuan pointed out Russia suffered an economic crisis at
the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The failure of the August coup by a group of members of the
Soviet Union's government pushed Russia to
constitutionalism and economic reform.

Cao Siyuan: In the first 3 to 5 years after the collapse of
the Soviet Union, the economy was bad.
Ten years later, the economy started to recover.
Russia's per capita income is much higher than China.
Some people propagate lies with data from 10 years after
the dissolution of the Soviet Union, instead of stating
the current facts.

It is shameful.
They try to deceive the people with the difficult times in Russia.
I don't think it's going to work.

A Chinese investor Xu Xiaoping stated in his February 2010
blog that the World Bank issued two shocking reports on the
economy in 2007.

One is a Russian Economic Report which indicates that Russia's
economic growth has benefited the poor.

Between 1999 to 2006, Russia's average annual economic growth
was about 6%, total economic output increased by 70%.
The increase of wages and per capita income has reached 500%.

Through adjusting for inflation, the real per
capita income growth has exceeded 200 percent.
The Russians are truly enjoying the fruits of economic growth.

The second report is the poverty analysis issued by World Bank
on 1st December, 2007.
It shows between 2001 and 2005, 10% of Chinese live in poverty
and had real income dropping by 2.4%.
This indicates the poorest Chinese are becoming even poorer.

These results completely subvert the Communist regime's Queen
economist's theory of, "a ship rises when the tide is gone".
They believe with the continuing expansion on total revenue
growth, each family should easily gain their
share of growth.

Not long ago, Russian media reported that a life-time free
medical care system will be realized in Russia.
The Chinese state TV broadcaster CCTV immediately aired
experts talking about "there is no free lunch" to dispel
the Chinese people's delusions.

Interview Edit / Qin Xue Post-production /

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